13 Sep, 2014 @ 09:00
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French are the new kids on the block in Spain’s property market


THE French are hopping over to Spain, as President Hollande’s austerity measures weaken their domestic property market.

French buyers accounted for 18.2% of overseas enquiries for Spanish properties between January and June of this year.

Brits still lead, snatching up 54.4% of the country’s market, with Germany struggling to keep up with France, with around 7.5% of enquiries.

Martin Dell, director of property website Kyero, said: “The French economy is one of the strongest in Europe at the moment, providing French citizens with great buying power.

“With the French property market looking pretty flat, many are casting their eyes further south in search of holiday home bargains that can satisfy both investment and lifestyle requirements.”

The Dutch were also checking in with 5% of enquiries, followed by the Swedes with 2% and Norwegians with 1%.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. Two things don’t make sense with this article:

    1. ‘French buyers account for 18.2% of enquiries’, enquiries are not purchases and may never be.

    2. ‘The French economy is one of the strongest in Europe at the moment. France has the 2nd largest economy but it has stagnated.

    Seems like people don’t check facts first.

  2. The moment someone comes out with something as grossly inaccurate as “The French economy is one of the strongest in Europe at the moment”, their credibility completely evaporates. How can anyone be so unswitched on? Far from being the strongest, it has recently been described as the weakest link in Europe.

    This bloke is either having a laugh or suffering from a heavy dose of wishful thinking.

  3. I’ve been laughing ever since I read Martin Dell’s completely inaccurate statement. Is he just trying to mislead even more people? Anyway, there are so many cheap properties in France why would they buy in Spain?

  4. Angie…better to not react anymore to this,, you made a fool of yourselve enough..
    1// French economics is in big trouble..fact.
    2// cheap properties in France ‘ show me one….?
    3// a lot of french are hopelesly trying to sell their place , due to recent laws and taxes

  5. Luc de waen it’s you who are the fool, Lol so better not to react to others’ posts, Lol.

    Read my post properly and you will see fact, French economy has stagnated, get it?

    10’s of 1000’s of cheap properties in France, where are you looking Paris or the Cote D’Azur? Lol

    Lots of french are trying to sell, but a lot more Brits and others are trying to sell their homes in Spain, 2 million for sale, 3.4 million empty homes, both conservative estimates, Lol

    Is your name for real?

  6. Well on a personal note , I had a good experience buying in France . I found the system ” windy ” but thorough and fair . Now in Spain …. B money ( sorry doesn’t exsist )Screwed up paperwork. …….. In fact a bit of a contract on the back of a fag packet experience really . Started well ended badly …..
    Spain Great weather nice people crap system
    France good weather ok people good system ( ok the ok is a bit of an exaggeration )
    England shit weather good people good system .

    Overall vive la France “………..

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