OVER 200 staff have been trained by Gibraltar’s Health Authority in the event that Ebola is detected on the British enclave.   

Training has been provided to 100 GHA staff, a new isolation wing has been set up and a further 100 staff at the port, boarder and other government departments have received training.

Protocols for dealing with patients waste have also been provided, protective clothing has been supplied and an independent air flow entrance has been established.

A spokesperson for the GHA said: “While an Ebola case is still very unlikely, all the necessary steps have been taken to ensure that Gibraltar is ready to deal with it.”

The first case of Ebola in Europe was reported on Monday and there are currently 50 more people under observation in Spain connected to the virus.

So far, the 2014 Ebola outbreak has claimed the lives of over 3,500 people mainly in Africa.

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  1. @Cannopy, well at least they didn’t release ebola into Europe, as Spain has. Thanks Rajoy. Btw, you’re using a lot of aliases today Cannopy and that is against Olive Press rules. Can’t you just use one name? lol.

  2. Cannopy:
    Cheap Cigrettes…well Ceuta and Islas Canarias are far cheaper to buy…so cut the Bull.

    Money Laundering :No Evidence is shown there is….but dont forget Andorra where the actual money is , and your nation full of corrupt politicians hold all their money in Switzerland…but obviusly you dont have the balls so say so.

    Marca Espana: Guardia Civil wasting time in British waters when they could effectively use their time in combating immigration and drug trafficking.
    Authorities allowing infected people to come in contact with the virus …what a bunch of idiots,your country is obviously not prepared for it,your country ….i could go on and on…but nothing will change…

    We have atleast taken the proper measures just incase there is a outbreak…and who would be blamed for that….yep you guessed it…Spanish Fools.

  3. Gibraltar is like a bad joke, doesnt belong to a modern Europe, for every cent evaded in gibraltar less money for our healthcare system.

    There is no space for tax haven in EU. Anayway most gibraltarian are selfish apes that only care about money in their pocket

  4. @Sparta, what does Spain releasing Ebola into Europe sound like? You’d have more money for your health system if your country was not so endemically corrupt. Spain is modern Europe is it? It can’t even contain Ebola or employ its people. Get real.

  5. That’s a bit cheeky Sparta, especially when you consider that Spain is Europe’s 5th largest economy and the 4th largest in the eurozone, yet continues to take (and demand) handouts from the EU. It’d call that a pretty bad joke if the amounts of money involved weren’t so large. It’s worse than a joke. And then your inept politicians can’t seem to keep their hands out of the till. Handouts and corrupt politicians – sounds like a third-world country to me…

  6. I wasnt exclusively refering to the spanish healthcare system.
    British also suffers from the tax evasion in Gib

    Iestyn you gotta review your sources, since 2009 spain is a net contributtor to EU

    No matter what you say Fred, Spain s healthcare system is renown all over Europe for its efficiency and well doing. Specially when it comes to organs transplants.

    What happened with the Ebola patient is something that can happened anywhere else, as it has just happened in USA, so lets hope for this nurse to recover ASAP

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