A CORRUPT politician who spent public money on a 24-metre copper sculpture of himself did everything to avoid the crowds as he entered jail this week.

Carlos Fabra, former head of Castellon’s provincial government, has begun his four-year prison sentence for tax fraud.

A court uncovered nearly €700,000 worth of tax fraud in 2013, and ruled that Fabra and his wife had €3.3 million in unexplained earnings.

He is famous in Spain as the man responsible for Castellón airport, built at a cost of €150m, which has never seen a plane land or take off.

The airport, and his statue outside it, became symbols of the uncontrolled spending which led to the current economic crisis.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy praised Fabra as ‘an exemplary citizen and politician’ in 2008. But following the court expose of his tax avoidance the PP began to distance itself from him.

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