U.N. peacekeepers of UNIFIL patrol the Lebanese-Israeli border, beside Kfar Kila village in south Lebanon

A SPANISH UN peacekeeper has been killed in southern Lebanon, as the Israeli military shelled border areas following a Hezbollah attack.

“I can confirm that a Spanish soldier was killed in southern Lebanon,” said a source at the Spanish embassy in Beirut.

Andrea Tenenti, spokesman for UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), added that the peacekeepers’ commander, Major General Luciano Portolano, was ‘in close contact with all the parties, urging maximum restraint to prevent an escalation’.

UNIFIL has been deployed in Lebanon since 1978, and comprises of a 10,000-strong peacekeeping force which includes 600 Spanish soldiers.


  1. I was curious. Australian, reports I have read say your ambassador blamed Israel. Lebanese news sites have Hezbollah proudly proclaiming we hit Israelis. They obviously fired back. Why was your serviceman with the Hezbollah rocket unit. More importantly, why do you immediately blame the Jews.

  2. Simple Ros,
    Jews took their anger out on the Palestinians rather than on the Aryans that exterminated them. Ever since the Jewish refugees landed in Palestine, with weapons supplied by the British and Americans (guilt complex) they stole Palestinian land.
    The cold blooded murder of Count Bernadotte was an horrendous act carried out by the terrorist organization LEHI and why. Because he could clearly see who the aggressors were and the very next day he was going to order the Jews to give back the lands they had stolen. What is also shocking is that Ben Gurian not only forgave this murderer but they became close friends. These same Jewish terrorists were murdering British soldiers, many of whom had liberated the Austrian/German death camps.

    If the Israeli fascists gave back the land they have stolen the killing would end – the onslaught against Gaza was like the Germans destroying the Warsaw ghetto. It was Christians who for centuries have tried to exterminate the Jews. So, if the Israelis want to attack anyone it should be Christians not fellow Semites like the Palestinians.

  3. Typical rubbish. The Israelis do not attack first. Are they to be expected not to retaliate. the incursions into Gaza were all caused by Palestine. Even in peaceful periods they cannot stop lobbing rockets over to Israel. Ok. Most miss but the intent is there.

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