AN expat landlord has won his legal battle against a tenant who refused to pay rent for two years.

ONE MAN PROTEST: Dave Lomas in November last year
ONE MAN PROTEST: Dave Lomas in November last year

Dave Lomas, 66, from Middlesbrough, held an unprecedented one-man protest outside his home in Campillos, in November.

And after a two-year legal tussle Lomas’ unwanted tenant has finally been issued an eviction order – to be out by March 10.

But despite getting his home back, Lomas will not see a single cent of the €10,000 owed in unpaid rent.

“I don’t think I will ever see any money from this guy,” Lomas said. “He has already shown how shrewd he is by living there for two years rent-free.

“But thanks very much to the Olive Press for highlighting the problem, which was spotted by the powers-that-be.”

Lomas has agreed for his ex-wife to move into the property that they bought together in 2008.


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