THIS is the first picture of the partner of one-punch Briton

The 'blonde bombshell' partner of British killer Victor Kainth
The ‘blonde bombshell’ partner of British killer Victor Kainth

Victor Kainth who killed an alleged German paedophile in Sotogrande. 

The Kent girl ‘Gemma’ moved to Spain to live with her partner and three children in the millionaire’s enclave of Sotogrande a year ago.

A keen fitness fanatic, like Victor, she attends the gym most days of the week.

According to one waitress in a Sotogrande bar, she ‘always turns heads when she walks in’.

It is not known whether the children are at their €10,000 a year private school today, nor whether Gemma is still at the family home.

She is pictured here in local magazine Marbella Rocks at an exclusive polo bash on New Year’s Eve, at Los Pinos polo fields in Sotogrande.

She appears happy with a friend at the party, where they enjoyed a three-course meal, drinks and music from live bands.

Devinder Kainth – who is known locally as Victor. Copyright :
Devinder Kainth – who is known locally as Victor. Copyright :

Her partner Victor has been charged with the murder of Sandro Rottman after fatally punching him in Spinnakers restaurant on Saturday night.

A fight broke out between the two men – who, the Olive Press can reveal, had previously been getting on well in the restaurant and drinking together – after Rottman took photos of Kainth’s young daughter.

A manager of a restaurant in Sotogrande who knew the German well, confirmed Rottman had been banned from several restaurants in the resort and was known as a problem drinker.

He said: “I heard that the father arrested had flicked through the photos on the German’s tablet, and seen photos of his own daughter, followed by pornographic images of other young children.”

Rottman appears to have divided his time between Sotogrande, Monaco and California, regularly posting classy meals out to his Twitter.

In one recent tweet he posted a picture of a three-year-old girl at a local swimming pool in 2013, saying what a ‘beautiful young girl’ she was, and how he had spent the day with her in Sotogrande.

Sandro Rottman on Twitter, "Just finished a day with the most beautiful girl in the Beach Club of Sotogrande! Hope one day I will have one my own". 10:39 AM - 7 Sep 2013
Sandro Rottman on Twitter, “Just finished a day with the most beautiful girl in the Beach Club of Sotogrande! Hope one day I will have one my own”. 10:39 AM – 7 Sep 2013


Police are still investigating the murder.


  1. Actually Jay Gore when our daughter was 5 we caught a “Pedo Loser” (he had been place on the Pedo list in England and was banned from traveling but somehow made it to the beach we were having lunch at in Marbella playing with himself and exposing himself to our daughter and her little group of friends feet from us. Of course my first reaction was that I wanted to rip his head off and P*** down his neck! Alerting the staff and security at the restaurant (took the Guardia less than a mimute to show up) was the better choice for us and certainly for this EJIT SICKO as he was immediately arrested and several of the staff members took photos of him to pass around to neighboring restaurants. So you are correct this time it was not our daughter. When it happened to our daughter we took intellegent steps to insure this Pedo did not have another opportunity to victimize someone else´s daughter like he did ours and her little friends on that day. Now this guy and his family are in a whole world of hurt as a result of first impulses and that is a shame.

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