Missing: Jon Edwards
Missing: Jon Edwards

POLICE are investigating the disappearance of a Scottish expat who may have hopped the Portugal-Spain border into southern Spain.

Jon Edwards, 31, disappeared from his home in Lagos, Portugal in September and has had no contact with anyone since.

Jon, originally from Arbroath, Scotland, had knocked himself unconscious two days before his disappearance after getting drunk at a party and falling down a hill.

The day after he wrote that he felt ‘like a broken man’ on his Facebook page saying the night had been a ‘complete disaster’

But despite repeatedly being sick and suffering with dizziness, Jon refused to go to hospital.

His mother Lesley Edwards, now suspects Jon may have hopped the border into Spain.

“Jon had told us how easy it was to cross over the border into Spain,” Lesley told the Olive Press.

“One of his friends had gone out, got drunk and ended up in Spain just days before.

“And because he had sustained a head injury, we can only assume that he was disorientated and was not in the right state of mind when he left.”

Leaving without his phone, clothes and passport, Jon has no access to money.

He had only moved to Portugal one month before his disappearance to work as a sous chef.

Jon is 5ft 7, has brown hair, blue eyes and a small scar on his right cheek. He also has Arabic tattoos on his lower arms.

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