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Antonio Banderas fed up with ‘not real’ Hollywood

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CELEBRATED ACTOR: Banderas wants to come home
CELEBRATED ACTOR: Banderas wants to come home

MALAGA’S most famous actor Antonio Banderas wants to escape Hollywood for a more ‘authentic life’ in Europe.

The Spanish star, who will shortly play Pablo Picasso in 33 Dias, admitted that he is ‘not comfortable’ living in Los Angeles.

“I have to get my daughter out of Hollywood because this place is not real,” he said. “Hollywood is not a place anymore, it has become a brand.”

“In Europe you can walk the streets and you don’t know who’s rich and who’s not. In Los Angeles, it is all about what you have.

“Los Angeles is beautiful, but I don’t understand it. It is a quintessentially American city and I am very European. I need sidewalks. Everywhere you go in America, you need a car. I don’t want to have a car.”

Banderas was speaking ahead of the new Spongebob Squarepants movie where he voices a pirate.

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  1. Neither of the above comments actually reflect the truth about life in American cities and especially Los Angeles, nowhere can be more ‘plastic’ than that place. Let’s face it, European actors only work there for the money with exceptions like Anthony Hopkins who likes to denigrate the country (Wales) that made him who he is. Antonio’s comments are spot on.

    I can think of at least 6 people who have visited the USA over the years, visiting many different cities – LA/Miami/Houston/Denver etc. and all were shocked to be stopped by cops with their hands firmly clamped over their guns when pulling up to question “why are you walking here”. It could go someway to explaining the fact that over 65% of Americans are obese.

    Marbella is a good example of Spain Fred – really! I think it tries very hard to be something like a rather poor miniature copy of LA, full of posers/pimps/shysters and loadsofmoney plonkers, completely and utterly different from real Spanish towns and cities.

    Bryan why not google Antonio’s upcoming work schedule.

  2. I understand where Mr Banderas is coming from, and the total madness of America, but then if he wants more “authenticity” he needs to move to Malaga town, and get away from Marbs. His career is on the up btw, he is doing a voiceover in the new 2015 blockbuster, Spongebob Squarepants. Hmm.

  3. Come off it Stuart. The whole of America isn’t like that, you have been watching too much anti-american stuff.
    Still say Banderas is on the way down. Took him a long time to find out LA was plastic.

  4. Bryan – check out the news every day and don’t make stupid comments that are totally unrelated to the article. I stated that I knew 6 people who had been stopped because they were walking – that’s called factual information btw.

    If you think it’s so great why not live there?

  5. The guy took over 20 years to find out Hollywood is false. His career has stalled so he now wants to make movies in Spain. He is 54. His statement is the equivalent of a Politician wanting to spend more time with his family!

  6. @peter, yes the madness of America, the country where they blamed teachers for recent gun massacres because they were “not armed” and the country who tells us that the awful extremists torture people, when America is in fact the worst torturer of all (and had to recently admit it to the world). That sort of madness…

  7. Ummm hello? Antonio is not bashing America. He is bashing LA. So the hell what it took him this long. Entertainers are locked into so many contracts, and he has done his share of work to back that up…plus just out of a 17 yr marriage that only ended when it did for sake of the family. So now his perspective is him re thinking his new life and LA is not an option. It is called moving on and starting anew people.

  8. Really, really, you sound like his PR. He is on his way down. Not that he was ever in the A list. Not had good reviews for a decade. The work has dried up so he has fallen in love with Spain again.

  9. I love the views of the so-called experts on America. FYI..reading about (depending on how accurate your news source) and visiting is not living and knowing. I say this as one that was born and raised as well as living half the year there.
    Banderas is renovating a place in the city proper, I believe the house in Marbella is joint property with the ex.
    I agree Really? you don’t have to be his PR person to understand you grow and life moves on. Also just because you don’t see him on the screen doesn’t mean he isn’t successful behind it, that is where the true money is made.

  10. I remember when ‘Easy Rider’ was a must see movie. I could’nt believe that what was shown could actually happen.
    Some mates at Sussex Uni. had a couple of Americans (from the South) visiting and I said to them “that film is’nt real is it?” – answer “oh yes it is, you had better believe it”. If you had long hair and did’nt go to church you were considered a commie pinko b+#~###.

    Around El Paso a lot of freaks bought land to try out their ‘social experiments’. They were continually attacked by rednecks and in the end had to arm themselves and effectively ended up living in armed camps, quite the opposite of what they had intended.

    It seems that every day the police are shooting unarmed people – nearly all black – racial harmony – I don’t think so, nor does the rest of the world.

    As to Antonio, very good actor and he is stating what so many foreign actors say. He’s made enough money, why should he continue to live somewhere that he is not comfortable with and good for him putting his children first.

  11. What children?? He only has one and she is with her Mother in LA. He would be back to LA in a shot if offered a half decent part.

    Let’s face it most of you have never been in most parts of America let alone lived there. Sure there are nutters but it is a much bigger place than Europe and we have our fair share of nutters too. Not all LA is Hollywood either there are some very nice areas where normal people lead normal lives.

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