MORE than 70,000 people have signed a petition to save two dogs from an owner who dragged them along roads tied to the back of his car.dogcircled

The unidentified male owner, from Sevilla, was pictured driving his Suzuki jeep with two dogs tied to the bumper, leaving a bloody trail in his wake.

The wounds and scars on the animals suggest this was not the first time.

Now the campaign to have the Olivares man exposed has spread like wildfire.

Expat Pat Waterhouse, who looks after around 50 dogs in her Alora home, has called for the man to face the maximum penalty.

“I have been told the two dogs are still with him, it’s absolutely disgusting,” she told the Olive Press.

“It beggars belief, someone in Olivares must know this man and they need to come forward and expose him.”

Hundreds of comments on the petition and on Facebook have slammed the actions as ‘disgusting’.dogs-and-blood

The petition was launched by local Spaniard Maria Pía Rosa Palacios, who said: “This is just the tip of the iceberg and the animal abuse in Spain, especially Andalucia, is out of control.

“Every year we watch helplessly as hundreds of animals suffer and even die at the hands of their owners, who go unpunished.”

Find the petition here:


  1. Yet another psycho on the loose who mistreats animals. Nobody in their right mind would do something like this and this bloke is clearly very dangerous. These dogs needs to be rescued immediately and he should be prosecuted but personally, I prefer Stefanjo’s idea.

  2. Archie,
    forget prison time it costs the Spanish tax payer money that could be much better spent elsewhere. Baseball bat yes but much more effective sever the spinal column just below the neck, then it can spend the rest of it’s time topside of mother earth thinking about what might have been if it had not been untermenschen – would also act as a great deterrent for other subs.

  3. Is there an update planned on this story, what has happened? Has the petition worked? Has any charges been brought, have the dogs been rehomed……this leaves this story open and with no sense of conclusion….please could there be an update

    Thank you

  4. You have no chance Fin. We still don’t know what hàppened about the last nutter who jumped on a little dog which had allegedly threatened some chickens. As admirable as the OP can be, it isn’t very good at follow-throughs. It tends to grab at the next “big thing” and gallop off with it.
    All good fun though eh ?

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