A TOTAL of 56 Britons have been arrested in the uncovering of a massive timeshare fraud on the Costa del Sol.la cala de mijas

A UK timeshare gang which allegedly made £4 million by tricking around 500 fellow Brits, many of them pensioners, has been busted by Spanish police.

The scams, which involved staging phone calls from fake lawyers and legal officials, involved fraudsters collecting up to £35,000 in unnecessary admin charges.

The ringleader of the gang is thought to be a Mijas expat who lived extravagantly with a boat and three properties.

Almost 80 bank accounts have been frozen in connection with the fraud project as well as six vehicles being seized.

Police fear that victims of this operation could number in their thousands.


  1. It surprising (not),that the usual gang of bigots (our outraged anti-Spanish moral police) haven’t jumped all over this. It involves all their usual bugbears; Poor British pensions being duped out of their life’s savings in a dodgy Spanish property scam. But the perpetrators were British, so that makes it all right I suppose.

  2. They are the scum of the earth. I used to live close to a call centre in Spain. All Brits and most of the cold callers were women working to supplement living the dreem HaHa. The reason why all those call centres are in Spain because the law is more lenient to cold calling.

    What’s with the bigot word, meaningless in ths context. How old are you…80?

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