NON-EXISTENT: Marca fail to acknowledge Bale's existence in El Clasico
NON-EXISTENT: Marca fail to acknowledge Bale’s existence in El Clasico

WELSH winger Gareth Bale has been the subject of yet another onslaught from Spanish sport paper Marca, following Real Madrid’s 2-1 defeat to Barcelona. 

Critical of his €100 million transfer fee the paper also refused to acknowledge his presence with a player rating, giving him just a slash instead of the typical 1, 2, or 3 they reserve for the others.

Previous articles in Marca labelling Bale a ‘lazy loner’ lead to a media war with the BBC in which the British media group told Marca to back off.

While Bale’s performance was below par, Marca’s agenda seems to have become a personal vendetta against the former Tottenham star.

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