MALAGA has the least adequate health service in all Andalucia, according to recent reports.

It has the fewest hospital beds, the second lowest number of outpatient clinics and below average numbers of operating theatres for the province.

The study, which comes from Spain’s largest trade union (Comisiones Obreras), reveals numerous promises for construction projects to improve the situation have never been realised.

It also reveals Malaga is the poorest-equipped region in terms of high technology in at least four departments.

Malaga offers just 15.9 hospital beds per 10,000 inhabitants, well below Andalucia’s average of 17.6 – which is already one of the lowest in Spain.

However for private health, Malaga comes up trumps with 12.1 beds per 10,000 residents compared to the Andalucian average of 5.8.

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