A SHOCKING video has emerged featuring British holidaymakers’ boozy sex cruises where ‘sex is guaranteed’ by sellers.

boat partyBoats are packed with nearly naked drunken revellers playing lewd sex games and DJs offering free drinks to egg the crowd on.

It has been revealed that ticket sellers for the cruises lure punters in saying girls have nowhere to escape once on board.

The extremely explicit content sees a woman’s bikini bottoms being ripped off by a lad as she tries to protect her modesty before he performs a sex act.

A Magaluf resident said: “The sex games are X-rated on the boats because the captains know there’s no police or security to step them.

“And there’s a free bar so these teenagers are all swimming totally off their faces.”

The Ayuntamiento has launched a crackdown and Mayor Manuel Onieva believes new regulations will make it economically unviable for drunken ‘Shagaluf’ behaviour to continue.


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