THIS is the moment young Malaga bullfighter Saul Jimenez Fortes was gored through the his stomach and the right-hand side of his neck by a half tonne animal during the San Isidro Bullfight Festival in Madrid.

After being tossed between the bull’s horns he was gored through the neck as he lay face  down on the ground.

Although he started to walk from the arena covered in blood officials quickly rushed to his aid and carried him from the bullring and taken to a local hospital.

Doctors at the Las Ventas hospital in Madrid said the matador suffered a bull horn wound to his lower stomach and another to the neck.

“Everything is going well, he has no fever, nor has he signs of internal bleeding,” a doctor was quoted as saying.

The bull horn that ripped into Fortes’ neck apparently bruised both his carotid artery and jugular vein.


    • I did reply previously but it must have got lost!
      You only reap what you sow…………this guy had a choice, the bull had has no say in the matter of his demise……..I am of the same opinion about this subject as with the Grand National in the UK, as far as I am concerned if the jockey gets badly injured or killed tough! BUT the horse has no say in the matter. Bull fighting is a Spanish tradition, BUT not even tourists are interested in it, they prefer tours of wineries, historic places, and good eating establishments.

  1. Sorry, BUT you only reap what you sow…………………he does have the choice, the bull doesn´t, I am of the same opinion as the Grand National in the UK, I hate it, the jockey if he falls and gets badly injured or killed, tough, but the poor horse has no say in the matter!!
    I don´t like this so called sport, but its a Spanish tradition, those who wish to take part or see this tripe can do so its a free country.

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