MALAGA province is preparing for a summer of forest fires.

A dry winter, spring rains and a record-breaking hot start to the summer has put the province’s fire brigade on red alert.

As a result new safety measures have been introduced and come into play immediately.

From today until October 15, agricultural burning will be banned in mountainous areas, as will barbecues or any other form of recreational or occupational fire.

Certain motor vehicles will also be banned from driving through woodland areas.

The rainfall this winter was only 60% compared to normal and meteorologist Aemet has announced that this summer will be warmer than usual.

Andalucian minister for Environment Jose Espejo announced that 20 million had been invested into the area to prevent and deal with forest fires.


  1. Because the ground is so dry, the grass and weeds are like a tinder box, they should also ban the fireworks that they set off at the beginning of ferriers especially the inland areas, lots of them are celebrated on dry river beds where the weeds are thick and very dry, I live overlooking a dry riverbed and it does really worry me in the summer months when the fiestas and romerias are in full swing, that a fire could start!

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