wind farmSPAIN spends a smaller proportion of its GDP on green laws than any other EU nation.

In 2014, €172 per EU inhabitant was spent on protecting ecosystems’ soil, air and water quality while in Spain the figure was just €49.

Norway spent a total €615 per inhabitant while the UK’s spend was four times that of Spain, at over €200.

“The situation is unacceptable,” said Juan Lopez, spokesman for the Equo political party.

Lopez lamented serious air pollution problems in Madrid and Barcelona – two of Europe’s worst affected cities and both well over the legal limit.

There are 17 other countries in Europe who spend less per capital on green issues, but when expressed as a percentage of GDP, Spain comes out last – with the 5th highest GDP in Europe.

The government spent €2,200 million on putting environmental law through while the likes of Holland – with a comparatively minute economy – spent €8,400 and the UK over €18 million.

With the upcoming world summit in Paris approaching in November and the Carbon Expo Barcelona 2015 recently opening, Spain’s role on the European stage is in the spotlight.

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