A RENOWNED photographer is soon set to publish a unique photo book of his travels within the Spanish peninsular.

Photo: Mike Randolph

Mike Randolph, who was originally born in Jerez de la Frontera, moved to Canada where he has lived most of his adult life before emigrating back to Spain.

Now living in Madrid, he has spent the past eight years travelling the length and breadth of Spain, photographing its landscape and culture. Three years ago, he started a blog, entitled ´Spain by Mike Randolph´ as a way of documenting his travels and experiences.

His most recent project, called Kickstarter, is a photo book culminating in a collection of photographs that document the countryside, people and culture of Spain.

Photo: Mike Randolph

Although his work has appeared in many leading publications throughout the world, Mike has described this latest project as something “different” to what he has achieved in the past and his “labour of love”.

Photo: Mike Randolph

The success and support from his blog inspired him to come up with a unique idea whereby his fans choose which photos are included in the final Kickstarter publication. “It’s a way of thanking the people who have supported my work on my blog,” Mike told the Olive Press.

To sponsor Mike’s Kickstarter photo book and to be a part of it, visit  http://www.spainbymikerandolph.com

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