BUSTLING: Fish alley

WHILE bustling with eateries and bars of every description, unsurprisingly Fish Alley is best known for its fish.

Famous around the Costa del Sol for its heavy concentration of restaurants, the place comes alive at night with entertainment, not to mention its great mix of places to eat.

One of the best spots, particularly if you are feeling homesick, is the Kings Road Pub, which offers a Sunday carvery with all the trimmings.

With an all-you-can-drink champagne and wine menu, it is not surprising that Kings Road is a favourite with locals and holidaymakers alike.

But if you are looking for a different type of fine food you should look out for a fabulous restaurant El Toston right beside the bus station.

Well established and now with its own diffusion tapas spot De Tapas next door, this is one of the definitive spots to eat well on the coast.

In particular, you need to look out for the fantastic tapa of gazpachuelo, with prawns, mash potato and a cold fish soup with sherry and truffled salt.

It is stunning and unsurprisingly won the ‘best tapa’ at prestigious Madrid Fushion in 2011. I also liked the mushrooms with a poached egg.

Best of all, it has one of the finest wine cellars on the coast, stocking more than 600 different references from around Spain and abroad. Many of them can be drunk by the glass.

Another exciting addition to the Fuengirola dining scene needs to be hunted down in the hills above the town in Reserva de Higueron, where a new Hilton is to open this summer.

Recently moving from Benalmadena where it was before, there is nothing ordinary about Sollo, the restaurant of Andalucia’s chef-of-the-moment Diego Gallegos, 31.

WINNER: El Toston

Crowned ‘revolutionary’ new chef of the year at Madrid Fusion, it was little surprise to discover him snapped up by the Hilton group.

This young Brazilian is on a fast trajectory to greatness and this is one meal you are unlikely to taste anywhere else in the world.

For starters it is entirely fish based – and ‘sustainable’ fish, to boot – and secondly, it is mostly fish you rarely try and parts of the fish you probably didn’t think you wanted to try.

And then there is the attention to detail; the driftwood on which the food is served, the attractive presentation and the seductive lighting and settings of the dining room.

If it is more basic fish and chips you are after, then look no further than La Parra Gold in Los Boliches.

Run by John ‘the fish’, La Parra Gold offers everything from cod and chips to home-made steak pies.

The four-course meal deal is also great value at just €7.50.

A great starter is tomato soup and garlic bread while the cod and chips with the mushiest of mushy peas are excellent, as is the homely apple pie.


  1. now that article was a bit useless. should have been called, where to eat outside fuengirola by someone who has never been to fuengirola. el toston was the only place ??? it mentions fish alley.. but never mentions any restaurants in fish alley. los boliches is not fuengirola and unless you have a car or willing to pay 30-40 euros up the hills to the hilton (which is nearer benalmadena than fuengirola and untested as it’s only just open) then your left with a place which i assume is not in fuengirola either “the kings road pub” ???? never heard of it. must be new. no listing or mention of it’s existence online (i’ll take your word for it) although i’ve lived here for years…

  2. Fuengirola has grown so much over the last 10 years as a place for decent food with many interesting and excellent places to eat. Shame this article has been written by someone who has no knowledge of that. Fish alley is 90% tourist trap and a place that most locals stay away from with the exception of a few restaurants. It’s a shame really as only a 5 min walk away is an area called “Plaza de Chinorros” which was the area that started the whole modern tapas cuisine culture in Fuengirola and is a world away from more 70s/ plastic “Fish Alley”

  3. Fish Alley could be great. It is spoilt by immigrants selling tat who won’t take no for an answer. Then there are buskers who cannot sing and become insulting if you don’t give money. Particularly annoying are the Chinese who come round with squeaky toys, enough to turn a pacifist.

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