Fiesta+De+San+Fermin+Running+Bulls+Day+6+dGf5IG3YJaklTWO Americans and a Brit have been gored on the first day of the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

A 30-year-old Briton was gored in the groin, while the Americans, 38 and 27, both sustained injuries to their armpits.

A total of 11 people – including three more Americans – were injured and taken to hospital at the opening run of the San Fermin festival.

Since record-keeping began in 1924, 15 people have died from gorings at the festival.

Thousands of adrenaline junkies flock to Pamplona every year for the nine day festival.

A total of eight, 8am bull runs take place, each lasting under five minutes over 825 metres in the town’s narrow, winding streets.

The festival comes to an end on July 14, with a party in the town’s streets.

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  1. Gee – some humans show they are really NUTS! My Sainted Uncle once told me – “Joe, as you grow up you’ll SEE that 85% of people show they are STUPID, another 10% show they are CRAZY – which leaves only 5%… like you and me” … Uncle Mike was conservative!

  2. An injury or fatality is always sad – but let’s put this act in perspective to appreciate it. a reasonable mentally-equipped human, without much influence from alcohol or drugs – jumps into the street filled with trained killer bulls – equipped with sharp horns for self protection. And humans also wear some RED because that attracts bulls – with sharp horns for own protection.
    Summary: Human jumps into Bull’s path, wears RED to attract Bull, gets gored because he cannot outrun a 400 Kg bull frightened by this unique “event” – so, human gets gored by Bull & may die.
    WHERE is the NEWS in another example of this Humans’ stupidity??!!
    Can “humans” FLY off the Megaluf balconies??
    Jump INTO the lion or polar bear Zoo cages and expect friendly treatment?? et al.
    Maybe Darwin was correct in predicting, “Survival of the Species” nada mas.

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