ROBOTS are set to become Spain’s newest weapon in the battle for education.

Dash and Dot
Dash and Dot

However, there is nothing to fear, as Dash and Dot, the resident robots of a growing number of Spanish classrooms, are designed purely to teach.

Flexible to both age and ability, Dash and Dot start five year olds off with xylophone lessons, and teach high school students how to programme Android apps with their open source code base.

Spain is the first European country where these educational robots are available, thanks to Javier Ildefonso, CEO of Ildesoft, a company based out of Avila.

He collaborates with Wonder Workshop, the US creator and marketer of the robots.

The introduction of robots into classrooms represents a new approach to teaching computer programming, a rising subject in Spanish curricula.

The interaction between the robots and the children encourages a dynamic and collaborative approach to programming, and encourages students’ natural creativity and curiosity through a step-by-step approach.

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