THE youngest-ever mayoral candidate in Spain was brutally attacked outside her home.

Inmaculada Sequi, 18, of the Vox Cuenca party, was brutally attacked outside of her home with insults of ‘fascist’.

Inmaculada Sequi
Inmaculada Sequi

Leaving her house at 8:30am, she was thrown to the ground and punched in the face, before losing consciousness after she was seized around the neck.

Waking up on the street, she called her father, who brought her to the Hospital Virgen de Luz, where doctors discovered further contusions in her abdomen, although she was unable to identify the two men and one woman who had attacked her.

A student of law and criminology, Sequi declared her intentions to move past the incident, saying, “I’m not scared. I am going to continue defending the ideas of Vox.”

Santiago Abascal, the president of the Vox party, a splinter group from the PP, stated that the party will be looking into security measures for Sequi.


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