THE Red Cross is distributing 716,000 kilos of food between 25,700 Cordoban people.

Red CrossThe delivery of basic provisions to impoverished Spanish residents is the second phase of the volunteer organisation’s 2015 plan.

The scheme, which is being promoted by the government’s Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund, will feed people in 90 provinces.

Olive oil, rice, baby food, tuna, chickpeas,vegetables and pasta will be among the basic food stuffs handed out.

Phase one of the plan started before the summer, with a third food distribution to come at the end of the year.


  1. The region of Andalucia has been the architect of its own downfall to a large extent and needs to take responsibility for it. The PSOE-led Junta de Andalucia have run the region badly for over 30 years, syphoning off vast sums of money that was meant for job creation and skills training, creating the so called illegal property situation scaring off potential investors and being about as business unfriendly as you can get. The only hope is that the business friendly C’s will have a positive influence since forming a pact with the hopeless PSOE. Spain as a whole has some way to go on this issue too.

  2. Derek, you are badly out of touch. Rajoy, in his recent State of the Nation address, congratulated himself and his government for taking Spain out of the crisis. Truth is, Spain still has severe poverty issues. Rajoy has been berated several times for saying the crisis is over whilst people are still suffering, and he even had to correct one speech to correct that statement. You have clearly not been keeping up-to-date with these reports.

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