THE new Gaelic football season got underway in Gibraltar this month, with teams from the Costa del Sol and Sevilla competing against the hosts.

gaelic-footballEire Og Seville claimed back-to-back victories against both Gibraltar Gaels and Costa Gaels to take an early lead at the top of the Andalucian league.

At the end of six rounds of fixtures the team top of the Andalucian league will battle it out against teams from Madrid and Galicia for the Iberian championship.

The next set of fixtures will take place on November 7 at Marbella rugby club.

Results (round one):

Gibraltar 2-08 (14) vs Costa Gaels 2-04 (10)

Gibraltar 2-02 (08) vs Seville 2-10 (16)

Seville 4-07 (19) vs Costa Gaels 1-08 (11)

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