A DINNER invitation from Barack Obama is hard to turn do, but a Spanish winemaker nearly did just that.

Cesar Enriquez at the White House dinner
Cesar Enriquez at the White House dinner

Cesar Enriquez’s Galician red, Peza do Rei, was chosen by the US president at his annual Hispanic Congressional Caucus gala dinner.

It’s the third year in a row one of Cesar’s Cachin bodega wines was selected for the prestigious event, but the Gallego almost didn’t see Obama toast the White House table.

“I told the Americans that my grapes need attention, and I probably can’t make it,” he said.

But Cesar, accompanied by his wife Maria Jesus, headed from Ourense to Washington.

And it was a case of ‘bottoms up’ when he had his photograph taken next to Obama at the US capital.

“That photo is worth its weight in gold,” said Cesar. “What fantastic promotion!”

Bottoms up!

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