GIBRALTAR’S Windmill Hill prison is not fit to detain children, according to a Council of Europe report. 

The investigation, carried out last year by an anti-torture committee but only recently published, reveals a number of shortcomings in Gibraltar’s detention facilities.

Particularly, there is a total absence of specific rules, regimes or specially-trained staff to deal with juveniles.

“Windmill Hill Prison is not a suitable place to accommodate juveniles,” it states. “We recommend a strategy for addressing the specific needs of juveniles deprived of their liberty, which might include establishing a small unit with a few secure places.”

Furthermore, a need for an anti-bullying policy and problems with hot water, blocked drains, flushes not working and overcrowded cells were also mentioned.

Elsewhere, the report recommended upgrading the custody cells in New Mole House police station too.

In general, however, Gibraltar’s detainees were found to be treated in a proper, satisfactory way.

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