PABLO Iglesias has sparked a furious row over corruption after taking the Prime Minister’s seat during a Congress of Deputies open day.

The Podemos leader sat in the seat and waved to the media and onlookers before accusing the PP of being corrupt.

IGLESIAS: Podemos leader in congress clash
IGLESIAS: Podemos leader in congress clash

Deputy speaker Celia Villalobos responded angrily to the accusations and slammed Iglesias’s ‘demagoguery’.

“In this place, Celia, there is too much corruption, and too many ugly things that have to change in this country,” said Iglesias.

“It bothers me greatly when you accuse our party of corruprion. Be careful with your words,” said Villalobos.

“If you want to enter this house, if you want to be president, then leave the demagoguery at the door.”

Iglesias responded: “Demagoguery is something your party knows all about.”


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