SPANIARDS are preparing to go to the polls for Sunday’s historic general election.

With no party poised to win an overall majority of 176 seats, the country could be on the brink of its first coalition government since democracy was restored in 1977.

ELECTION FEVER: Spain prepares to go to the polls
ELECTION FEVER: Spain prepares to go to the polls

Prime minister Mariano Rajoy, who ruled out a pact with the PSOE on Friday, spent Saturday at Moncloa with his family following his assault in Pontevedra on Wednesday.

The PP appear set to win around 29% of the vote, with the PSOE predicted to come second.

PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez spent Saturday relaxing by playing basketball and going to watch Star Wars at the cinema.

On Friday, Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias addressed a campaign rally of 9,000 supporters in Valencia.

Ciudadanos held a rally in Madrid on Friday where leader Albert Rivera said he was ‘looking for victory’.

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