VOTERS on the Costa del Sol are queuing in large numbers at polling stations with reports suggesting strong support for Podemos and Ciudadanos.

POLLING BOOTH: Sabinillas voters
POLLING BOOTH: Sabinillas voters

An Olive Press exit poll of voters approached at Sabinillas polling booth showed six out of ten voters backing the two challenging parties.

Twenty per cent of votes indicated they were choosing PP, with the remaining 20% choosing PSOE.

“We are the strongest party in the country. Voting numbers at the polling booth are up from 2011,” said PP official Angeles Martin.

Ciudadanos official Louisa Balben said: “From first thing this morning people have been queueing to vote.

“It’s full here today. We aren’t going to win, but I think we are going to do well.

“A pact would be complicated. The other main parties have been mixed up in corruption.”

Carmena, a voter coming out of the booth, said: “I’m voting for PP. We need to continue with the same process.”

Outside the polling station, Francisco said: “I am voting for Podemos.”

His friend, Marie-Carmen, said: “I am sick of Rajoy, PP, Ciudadanos and everything.

“Ciudadanos and PP are the same. So I’m voting for Podemos as well.”



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