NOISY: Cancelada hotel
NOISY: Cancelada hotel

A PETITION has been launched against a noisy hotel that is turning a part of Estepona into a ‘mini Benidorm’.

Disgruntled neighbours of the Pierre y Vacances hotel, in Cancelada, claim they are being kept awake at night by late-night entertainment and noisy guests.

They claim the Centerparcs-owned hotel is allowing music to blare until two in the morning, with noise levels regularly exceeding the 45 decibels permitted by the Junta.

Despite repeatedly asking bosses to better soundproof the hotel since it opened in 2014, their requests have fallen on deaf ears.

“It has turned a quiet, gated community into a mini-Benidorm,” British resident Mary Page, 71, told the Olive Press.

Mary Page
Mary Page

The former labour councillor, added: “I really don’t care what goes on as long as it doesn’t disturb other residents.”

The petition, already signed by dozens of neighbours, is set to be submitted to Estepona Town Hall this month.

The hotel meanwhile insisted it would ‘endeavour to come to an amicable conclusion with residents’ as soon as possible.


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