INFANTA Cristina has refused to answer questions from anyone other than her lawyer while testifying in the Noos corruption trial.

The Princess, the sister of King Felipe, also distanced herself from Aizoon, the company she co-ran with her husband.

CONTROVERSY: Cristina refuses to answer questions in court
CONTROVERSY: Cristina refuses to answer questions in court

Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin’s company is suspected of being used to channel funds from the non-profit Noos Institute.

“I completely trust my husband and I am convinced of his innocence,” said Cristina.

“I have never had accounts in tax havens and neither has my husband.”

Urdangarin is suspected of €4.5 million of €6.2 million from Noos into Aizoon.

Among personal items appearing on Aizoon’s accounts were a family safari to Africa and €1,357 worth of wine.

“When we had expenses, we handed the receipts to the secretary and she decided what expenses were passed on to the accounts department,” said Urdangarin.

When asked in court whether King Felipe had had any involvement in his business deals, Urdangarin said ‘not at any moment’.

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