MERCADONA’s boss has said he doesn’t fear Amazon’s new online shopping service.

Juan Roig also confirmed that the Spanish supermarket giant would not start opening on Sundays.

THREAT: Mercadona boss shrugs off new Amazon online offer
THREAT: Mercadona boss shrugs off new Amazon online service

Mercadona made €611 million in 2015 but lost €30 to €40 million in online sales.

“I am not going to talk about Amazon,” Roig said

“It’s a big company that has its strategies as we have ours. So far we haven’t been profitable on the internet [and so] that is not our priority.”

Roig added that he would try to ensure Mercadona’s website is ‘more like 2016 and less like 1998’.

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  1. A poor article as it does not even say what “Amazon’s new online shopping service” actually is. As we all know, is a total waste of space; it sells inferior items and the limited choice is dreadful. It also has more cheaper quality imports. It was a pity that Amazon’s free shipping to Spain ended back in 2013 – one now has to be a Prime member to get faster delivery. As for Mercadona not opening on Sunday’s, well it’s their loss and they’ll go the same way as Eroski, i.e. selling off all their failed shops to Carrefour.

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