CHAVES: Denies role in ERE scandal
CHAVES: Denies role in ERE scandal

THREE more Junta bosses are being hauled before a judge over the €855 million ERE scandal.

Judge Alvaro Martin summoned Gaspar Zarrias, Carmen Martinez Aguayo and Antonio Avila to answer questions over their role in the slush-fund fraud.

The move came a week after two former Junta leaders appeared in a Sevilla court over the biggest public money fraud in Spanish history.

Manuel Chaves and Jose Antonio Grinan were grilled over their involvement in the misappropriation of funds, which were intended for retired workers and struggling companies.

Between 2001 and 2008 under Chaves’s presidency more than €576 million was diverted into a so-called ‘reptile fund’, which was used for family and friends of Junta bosses.

However, at the hearing he insisted he had never been involved in any illegal decisions while boss of the Junta. Grinan also claimed the same.

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