Toro Jublio festival

VALENCIA has banned ‘flaming bull’ runs.

The longtime tradition adorns bulls’ horns with flaming balls of wax before sending them running through neighbourhood streets.

The ban was approved on Friday by mayor Joan Ribo, who cited cruelty to animals.

The town hall has also cut funding for bull runs and bullfighting schools, bringing it a step closer to a full out ban on bullfighting.

Popular Party representatives labelled the ban a ‘violation of the city’s heritage’.



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    • It’s actually a step in the Left direction. Better than nowt though, bullbaiting next, with a bit of pushing.
      Barcelona managed it, Catalan and Left, with a gutsy lady mayor, Ada Colau.
      Joan Ribo of Valencia is no slouch either, so bye bye Bully Boys.

  1. People watching with glee as a defenseless being is slowly and brutally tormented and publicly murdered for the entertainment of the crowds. Sounds pretty satanic and correlates somehow to the story of what Christ. Well done guys, you should be proud of what you have done.

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