torrox ferrera beach (1)TORROX town hall is reaping the rewards of its €307,000 investment into a new breakwater for Ferrara Beach.

The semi-submerged device, which slows down beach erosion by reducing the force of waves, has already added 20-25 metres of natural beach.

Construction of the 115 metres long and eight metres wide defence, which began in February, has been completed in record time, four months earlier than expected.

Mayor Oscar Medina praised its speedy completion, saying it was ‘a historical demand of the municipality of Torrox.’

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  1. The Torrox promenade, and the properties behind it, are actually part of the beach itself and should never have been built so close to the sea. Over time, not even this breakwater will stop the erosion. Breakwaters don’t “add beach2, they just stop waves from washing away the sand to leave the artificially created beach in place. Torrox has brought in hundreds of tons of sand to create the beach.

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