MARIANO Rajoy is adamant the PP ‘has the right to govern’ after winning the most seats at Sunday’s general election.

Mariano RAjoy
RAJOY: Reaches out to PSOE

The right-wing party secured 137 seats, an increase of 15 from December’s election result, but short of the 176 needed for an overall majority.

The Socialist PSOE came second with 85 seats, the Unidos Podemos pact secured 71 and the centre-right Ciudadanos 32.

Spain now faces another period of uncertainty as the parties attempt to form a coalition government.

Rajoy told a Madrid victory rally: “We have won the elections, we demand the right to govern.

“I am very happy. Spain will be what the Spanish people want it to be, it will have the government and the members of parliament the people want.

“The PP has won and the PSOE has won.It’s time to reflect and, of course, it’s time to focus on dialogue between the progressive political forces,” he added, in an apparent overture to PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez.


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    • If only the people of Andalucia would vote PSOE out at the next regional elections. That way, we might get some proper, workable property laws that give buyers security and finally put an end to the so called illegal property situation. In light of recent events re Chavez and Grinan et all, perhaps we will have regional elections soon. We can only hope.

  1. Stefanjo and Fred, I agree they are all corrupt but if I had to choose between a corrupt political party that wants to demolish houses and a corrupt political party that wants to legalise them, which one am I going to choose?

    PSOE, who created the illegal housing situation, have been in power at the Junta de Andalucia for over 30 years and have failed to deliver at every level. If you are going to have the same party in power over and over again, you might as well be living in a dictatorship and not bother having elections.

    PSOE are now in a pact with the Ciudadanos (C’s) at the Junta de Andalucia and we are now finally starting to see some progress so imagine how much better it would be if the C’s had more power. I doubt PP would ever get a majority in Andalucia but I think they could be useful in coalition with the C’s.

    The C’s and PP have both promised to sort out the illegal property situation in Andalucia once and for all. OK, so they might be telling a pack of lies but if they don’t deliver after 4 years, you vote them out but at least you have tried.

    Based on PSOE’s record, I can’t think of a single reason for anyone to vote for them in Andalucia or anywhere else for that matter.

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