costa hideout
ON THE RUN: Delaney

IRISH police are searching for a Kinahan Cartel henchman who is believed to be hiding out on the Costa del Sol.

Francis Delaney, 44, has been on the run for eight years since he was granted bail on charges related to a €10m cannabis bust in 2008.

Sources say cartel boss Christy Kinahan has now given Delaney a hideout along Spain’s popular holiday coast.

Delaney’s last address was in Ireland, where he was a close associate of Sean Dunne, a well-known armed robber and drug dealer who disappeared in Spain in 2004.

When last busted by detectives, Delaney was allegedly caught with 500 kilos of cannabis, and he is now the key target of the Irish Garda Extradition Unit, which are seeking information on his location.

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