Puerto BanusA GROUP of French men are being probed by Spanish police after allegedly assaulting British women holidaymakers in Puerto Banus.

A 19-year-old woman from Farnborough received a broken nose from a punch in the face, while a 20-year-old female from Essex was taken to the Costa del Sol hopsital semi-conscious with arm and head injuries.

Witnesses say the men launched the attack after one of the group attempted to ‘touch up’ the 19-year-old at around 6am on Tuesday.

A friend of the girls said the violence erupted from a verbal row.

One member of the French group, who were all of Arab origin and are believed to be Muslim, was arrested for assault.

Three others were taken to the police station as part of the investigation.

Police are trying to identify additional members of the group who fled the scene.

Local police are  preparing a report for the Policia Nacional who will take over the investigation.




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  1. Actually there is relevance given the current political context. First it gives the anti-muslim hysterics ammunition. Second, if in fact they are muslims, it highlights the hypocrisy of gender attitudes as well as the racism inherent in some, only some, practice, ie, that ‘our’ women must be modest and chaste, but ‘others’ are fair game for exploitation. Imagine the reaction if Spanish guys touch up women in muslim countries. There is a contradiction in attitudes that must be addressed. And that is not so simple as given ng out either liberal or reactionary responses.

  2. Theocracies in the final analysis are totalist ideologies and not merely a religion practiced personally within a broader egalitarian political structure. As such there is scarce space for dissent and individual choice. If one accepts the whole theocratic construct hook, line and sinker, well then one is ‘free’ to not have to make moral choices. Its all ready made. And that is one of the issues that rational critics are considering when looking at policies of integration for people with vastly different beliefs to mainstream European and north American culture. The danger lies in the erosion of the concept of responsible individual action as opposed to an all encompassing ideology that would convert individual thought into group thought. The world has seen enough of that whether neo-liberal capitalism, communist parties or the falangist, fascist and nazi experiments practiced here or adopted by middle eastern states. Separation of church and state, or no go.

  3. Good post ChAS but nowhere on this planet has there ever been a real communist party, they have only ever been red fascist. Lenin, Stalin,Trotsky, Beria were never real communists and then we have the paedophile Mao. Otherwise a good post.
    Frightened serfs always need leaders and they are always terrified of personal responsibility. Without serfs there is no religion or politics, only a real world.

    • “communist parties” as I use it refers to the various failed attempts to exploit or implement another totalist ‘ism’ as a substitute for responsible human action. I agree, utopian all-encompassing schemes end in tyranny.

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