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Spain triumphs in expat survey

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flagsSPAIN has come out triumphant in a recent expat survey.

The sun-soaked country ranked 14 out of 67 in the InterNations Expat Insider 2016 survey, which was released on Monday.

Spain also ranked exceedly high in the categories “top quality for life” and “ease of setting in”, coming fifth and tenth respectively.

An overwhelming 92% expats in Spain claimed to be overall satisfied with their life, While only 42% of respondents felt  “overall positive about their career prospects”.

It goes without saying that the Spanish warm climate, made expats “very happy” with 84% saying  this has made a positive impact on their move.

Spain excelled in “making people feel welcome” Three-quarters of respondents said that it was generally easy to settle down.

The survey by InterNations, defines ‘expats’ as people who live in a different country than the one they were born in or whose nationality they have.

InterNations quizzed 14,300 people of 174 nationalities in 191 countries about various aspects of their lives.


  1. It’s incredible after so many years that the OP is still putting up articles like this. Not all of Spain is sunny and warm. I know it’s hard for a lot of English to be be specific and accurate but you really must try.

    The Olive Press is based in Andalucia, why not state that Andalucia and much but not all of the Med coast is ‘sun soaked’ for most of the year. it is delusional to keep on with this ‘all of Spain’ nonsense. The whole of the NW is green for a very good reason – it rains a lot so it does in all the regions bordering the Pyrenees. That’s why in the late 60s a lot of the film Cromwell was made in Navarro – dry stone walls and unbelieveably green grass – the battle of Marston Moor.

    I very much doubt the figure of 42% of those in business are happy with their lot. Spain as so many have said ‘might be’ a good place to retire too. Looking into the future Spain has some huge problems ahead. This article is nothing but pure PR, it does the OP no good at all to venture from reality.

    Sadly a lot of those who comment on the OP know only a little bit of Spain, Andalucia/Murcia but mouth of about Spain as a whole

  2. I love living in Spain and I am going to b angry if Brexit ends up making me leave, however in the unlikely event of having to leave I wouldn’t go back to the UK, I’d rather live in a shack on some beach than live in that intolerant over regulated rubbish bin of a country. British politicians and their useless ways have made me feel this way.

  3. Another expat survey that is not worth the paper it is written on. The report (“https://www.internations.org/expat-insider/2016/spain”) also said “healthcare is affordable and of high quality”. Clearly the authors have never used the Spanish health service as it is not free, and neither is it “affordable” to most expats on limited incomes, who have to dish out over 250 euros a month just to even qualify for state healthcare. The “better quality of life” reason is so simplistic. “Life” encompasses work, education, a just legal system, and access to healthcare. The legal system is a total joke, the education system is very poor, and the healthcare, whilst very good, is expensive to qualify for. This is the reality and it is impossible to quantify such issues in terms of simple percentages. Btw Peter, did you notice how great the Spanish politicians are? lol.

      • There’s nowt to choose between any of them Pablo. In fact you would be hard-pressed to find enough decent politicians in the world to form even one government.

      • Pablo, you’d be wise to quickly change the subject when talking about Spanish politicans, who must surely be the most corrupt and inept in all of Europe. UK politicians are saints in comparison, and at least the UK can form a government lol. Spain is a laughing stock currently on the political front.

        • lol fred, as the whole world knows britain is ruled by an UNELECTED pm.
          even more pathetic, british politicians promoted brexit, but now they dont have the slightest clue about what to do with it.

          but the best part is johnson the buffoon as ministre des Affaires étrangères.

          then you understand why britain is on the verge of collapse.

          • Pablo, the PP may have the most votes, but Rajoy has not yet been elected as PM. He’s a zombie basically, hanging on since he cannot form a government. I doubt the UK will “collapse”, but Spain is much more likely to fall first with its trillion euro debt and a crisis that has never really ended. Are you really Spanish, as you have such an embryonic knowledge of your own country lol. I didn’t want Brexit, but at least the people were asked. Were you?

  4. There is no legal system in Spain really, just back handers. Politicians there are all corrupt, that is why the Country does not move forward. I did laugh at the career part as well. I expect retired people are happy though, sit back, take a few rays in, golf, exercise, bars, restaurants, you would be happy. Most expats will be in the South anyway so when you survey most that is where they will be, not in the rain. As for the UK medical service, when my Mother dialled 999 last month they would not even send an ambulance, told her to use the 111 or medical number, dead the next day, I was in Spain at the time, don’t stay in the UK for hospital treatment, almost non existent now.

  5. Pablo Cedron,
    tonto, without the hundreds of billions pumped into Spain by stupid northern peoples you would all still be riding donkeys to work. living in homes without running water and all still be emigrating to other advanced European countries.

    You obviously have a hatred of the Brits, that comes across loud and clear but your insults must be based on reality on not fantasy and jealousy. When the EU breaks up and there’s no more handouts – you’ll have to learn how to ride a donkey again.

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