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British family in ‘living hell’ after sons horrendous accident on holiday at Benidorm resort

Alfie in his hospital bed

A BRITISH family are in a ‘living hell’ after their four year old son broke his leg on holiday.

Alfie in his hospital bed
Alfie in his hospital bed

Alfie Barton was playing on a slide at Magic Excalibur resort in Benidorm when he slipped and broke his femur.

Little Alfie, who may need surgery, was rushed to Alicante General Hospital where the desperate bid to bring him back home  began, as Alfie is not eating the food and the language barrier is proving problematic.

It could be a two month wait as Alfie awaits traction management and an operation.

His mother Rachel Barton and her husband Karl Barton have called this “every parent’s nightmare”.

The family from Barrow, took out travel insurance  with Go Panada, a firm underwritten by HCC before flying out last Monday.  Go Panada has refused to fly Alfie home.

Rachel said:’’ I don’t want him operated on here, he’ll end up malnourished,” she said.

“The doctors don’t speak English, Alfie’s not eaten for three days because the food here at Alicante General Hospital is awful, it’s just not what he’s used to. All they’ll give him for the pain is paracetamol, I’m at my wit’s end.”

The Bartons, who were  meant to return on September 2, are spending  €260 a day in taxi fees to get to the Hospital, which is 40 minutes away from their resort.

Desperate Rachel, 38 has flown out her mum to help with the other children, 11 year old Tegan and nine year old Jacob who has  Tourette’s, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and an autism spectrum condition.

Rachel added: “We just want to bring Alfie home, that’s our main priority. I never want to have a family holiday abroad again.

“All I want to do is make my son feel better. There’s only room for one of us in the hospital room, and because no one speaks English we can’t leave him even for a minute.

“Karl will stay here with him and I’ll have to fly home with the kids. It’s one hell of a mess.”

The family are in communication with the British consulate.


  1. Hospital food is not the best, but there is usually sometime edible, bread rolls, yogurt and fruit, if the main course isn’t pleasant. Most hospitals have a translator. I had a broken wrist repaired on the national health in Spain and received perfect treatment.

  2. £260 per day on taxis, are they kidding! Why not take a room in a hotel near the hospital, I’ll bet they can get a decent room for €50. I doubt the food’s that bad, it’s that it’s not English. Has either parent thought about learning some Spanish BEFORE going on holiday and why not get their children to learn as well. How would they treat a Spanish/Catalan person who expected staff at a Barrow hospital to speak Spanish/Catalan?

    My first visit to Spain since 68 was in 87 and I was appalled at the attitude of so many Brits then, expecting everyone to speak English and demanding UK style food – why the hell don’t Brits like this stay at home, some Germans and Dutch have the same mentality as well.

  3. I think this is one of the most ridiculous parent reactions I’ve ever read. Firstly, the family are lucky Alfie only broke a leg! That’s not a parents worst nightmare by a long (long) shot.

    “The doctors don’t speak English”

    Well, that’s normal in Spain. Would you ask a English doctor to speak Spanish? It’s quite easy to get a translator, as Jayce mentioned.

    “Alfie’s not eaten for three days because the food here at Alicante General Hospital is awful”

    You can take your own food in. Care in Spanish hospitals is done by the family primarily and they rally around to get everything done.

    “…spending €260 a day in taxi fees”

    Hire a car. Much cheaper.

    “I never want to have a family holiday abroad again.”

    He could break a leg in the UK too. Kids do it all the time. Mrs Barton needs to wise up. Quickly.

  4. what silly people, not very bright. food may be a little different than the stuff you proberly give him, but there is plenty of shops and bars selling brit food.
    you should be glad he is in a spanish hospital his treatment will be better than the uk.
    many doctors speak english especially where you were.
    I suggest you stay in the uk. and learn some manners.

  5. Hello My name is Ciara Lyons
    I am very sorry to hear this! Me and my family are in the same situation here in the same hospital as you and we’re going through the same thing. The doctors and nurses are amazing. Dad is eating all the hospital food as its not that bad. You can bring in your own food too. Do they have anyone here in this hospital that speaks fluent Spanish? It’s the weekend and we need someone who can translate and tell us what’s going on? My dad had just come out of the UCI unit and now in his own room which is very important for his recovery. We just need updates to what medication they are giving him and for peace of mind. No doctors can tell us anything. Rachel and family I understand the pain and frustration your going through at the moment. If you need support we too are in the same situation. We’re here at the hospital visiting dad day and night. I hope your being strong and hope you have some good news soon and can get home. Ciara Lyons

    • Ask for a translator, or pay for one. I just picked up a local English paper and half a dozen translators are advertising, many for doctor/hospital assistance etc. Many advertise inside the hospitals.

      • Fred, whenever I have needed to visit the hospital in Spain (luckily not that often) I have always taken a translator with me Knowing that the doctor would be Spanish. Therefore cannot understand the mentality of some people, especially where their child is concerned wishing to know the full medical results.
        Your article posted on the 1 Sep, 2016 @ 18:29 at 18:29 was spot on.

  6. you can’t leave him for a minute
    He is a minor you cant leave him unattended
    He is your responsibility
    The surgery here is fantastic
    Two months really?
    For a broken leg?
    Go to a shop for the shit food he wants
    sort yourselves out grow up and look after your child
    what it wrong with you?
    Doctors speak english…

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