linea directa advertorialWITH hundreds if not thousands of questions still unanswered following the Brexit referendum, Linea Directa is offering up advice to its insurance policy holders.

The company’s legal assistance service is open as always to policy holders.

If they are unable to assist then the insurance company have a number of lawyers who can be contacted. They offer information and legal advice on a wide range of matters such as inheritance, family, taxes, purchase and rental of property.

“As the Brexit negotiations evolve, our legal team will keep abreast of all the latest developments relating to events occurring in the Spanish territory and those to which Spanish legislation is applicable,” a spokesman said. “Should you require an immediate legal consultation, which due to the gravity of the matter in hand cannot wait, we offer a 24-hour legal advice service.

“Regardless of the time of day, we can provide immediate specialist legal advice for emergency incidents relating to you, your family or your home.”

The service is entirely in English. From the drafting and revision of legal documents to negotiations with third parties and or opposing parties. For more information call 902 123 282 or visit  


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