pp_rajoyACTING Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy gained a boost for his party following two regional elections yesterday.

Partido Popular’s Albert Nunez Feijoo secured an absolute majority in Galicia, guaranteeing him a third term, a feat unmatched in any other region in the country in recent times.

PP garnered a staggering 93% of the vote, gaining 42 seats.

The outcome should strengthen Rajoy, a Galician himself, who was heavily involved in the campaign.

In the Basque Country, the Basque Nationalist Party came first, as it has done since the 1980’s.

Socialist Sanchez had a rough night as he continues to struggle in getting his party to back his leadership.

His candidates in the Galicia and Basque Country suffered heavy losses, coming third and fourth respectively.

Neither election is likely to break the political impasse resulting from two national elections since December last year, both of which failed to give any party an absolute majority.



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