27 Sep, 2016 @ 10:37
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VIDEO: Distressed bull has its horns set on fire in Valencia

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A DISTRESSED bull has been filmed running around with its horns set on fire in Valencia.

The harrowing footage was shot at the El Toro Embolado annual event.

The video shows the bull attempting to put the flames out, before crashing to the ground.


  1. Profoundly disturbing that people would do this, that the level of sociopathy experience this as entertainmentthe and that national and EU authorities don’t prosecute.
    But the worst is the popular tolerance and party atmosphere around it.

  2. there should be prison sentances for people that watch or are involved in this backward torture of animals……..or do the same to them……set there kids on fire and let them run round screaming….this makes my blood boil….!!!!!

  3. Where is our bull-fight supporting poster? Is she/he going to claim it’s part of the Spanish culture and we shouldn’t condemn things like this that are historically important to the Spanish? Wrong is wrong and torture is torture. It is wrong to cause unnecessary suffering to anything, animal, bird, human and to call it sport/culture makes people even more stupid.
    On this specific incident the thing that annoys me the most is the idiot kicking the bull to see if it is still alive and then after 4 or 5 kicks throws his hands up to say the bull is dead and they can’t “play” with it anymore. Like the bull has done him out of his erection!

  4. Hi Chas. I’m here. Tell Bluemoon that a ‘bull-fight’ is rather different from a correbou. One is culture (supported by people like Picasso, Hemingway, García Lorca and García Marques), the other is a barbarity. Still, as always, I must bow before the ‘experts’ in the OP comments.

    • Does a taxonomy of animal torture and cruelty make it cultural heritage?
      By the way, there is little to be admired in the personal characters and histories of Hemingway or for that matter, Picasso, though as writer and artist their work was mostly impressive. Persons and their products are two different entities not to be conflated.

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