THERESA MAY will visit Spain next Thursday.

The Prime Minister of the U.K. will be received by acting Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy at the Moncloa Palace.

The pair will hold a meeting and share a working lunch, with Brexit and its effect on Spain-UK relations expected to dominate the conversation.

The meeting follows a telephone conversation the pair had in July in which they both agreed that no Spanish or British citizen should be ‘harmed’ by the Brexit result.

The pair have yet to discuss the sovereignty of Gibraltar, however, which is expected to be a talking point on Thursday.

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  1. Stupid comment Peter – what she should do is threaten immediate problems for Spain unless they properly compensate British and other foreigners who have lost their homes and all the other rip-offs levelled against Brits and others. Of course she won’t, we just don’t have any politicians of any persuasion with backbone.

      • Basically Pablo, 1 in 4 adults voted for a party led by David Cameron which was married to one set of values. Its MPs now decided to be led by Theresa May and it now has a different set of values (although its MPs might think the same as they did before, all the top jobs are now appointed by Theresa May). It does not have to call an election because of this.
        However, if it did call an election, it would win anyway, because under First Past The Post, 1 in 4 adults is plenty to win, as long as they live in the right places, and the same result would probably be seen again. Hopefully it all makes sense now.

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