lambo-rally-2A FLEET of 23 Lamborghini Miuras has rallied to Andalucia to commemorate 50 years since the creation of the first model.

Ferruccio Lamborghini launched the mid-engined masterpiece in 1966, naming it after a formidable breed of bull reared since the 19th century by the Miura family in Andalucia.

The Miura was a colourful icon of the 1960s and 70s and was loved by oil sheikhs and pop stars alike.

The 50th anniversary rally was designed to bring together the greatest selection of the sports car and return them to their ‘spiritual home’.lambo-rally
Simon Kidston, a Miura owner and rally organiser, said: “Nobody will deny that this event has been an opportunity for some very lucky Miura owners to enjoy their cars to the full on some great roads, but we also wanted to capture the moment in evocative images; ones that provide a fitting new chapter in the car’s history.”

The rally visited the Miura ranch near Sevilla, where thoroughbred cattle have been bred since 1842 – Lamborghini himself had made the same visit many decades ago to meet the then head of the Miura family, Don Eduardo.

Kidston and his team have created an online resource for the car, and are in the final stages of creating a luxury book on the model, which is penned for release in 2017.

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