IT seems we will never know how many women or people Mark Acklom has tried to defraud across Spain and the UK, and his lies seem to know no bounds!

His arrogance must be through the roof if he thinks he can get women like Elena Escuverra to believe his ridiculous MI6 fantasies.

Luckily she could see through his tall tales and hopefully he won’t be able to prey on more vulnerable women.

He clearly has maternal issues and needs to get some help!

Let’s hope he is caught sooner than later so he can face justice for his lies and betrayals that have left so many people’s lives in tatters.

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  1. How is this a news article? It is nothing more than a personal, slanderous attack on an individual.

    This guy may have a history of bilking many individuals out of money and preyed upon scores of vulnerable women, but stick to reporting facts and news and stay away from commentary on the person’s character. It has no place in a publication that aims at REPORTING the news. Otherwise, you face losing any credibility that you may have built up with your readers over the past 10 years!

    • Nope, and I think it’s obvious by how I characterized him in my comment.

      I’m just a writer and journalist who went to school to actually learn how to report facts in the news, and not show personal bias. Doing my bit to maintain (nay regain) what little credibility remains for true reporting and journalism in today’s society.

      And shouldn’t a ‘staff reporter’ still be someone whose job it is to ‘report’ news? Opinion pieces are generally reserved for the readership to provide their personal views on goings-on. Is the Olive Press light on contributors?

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