touristsMORE than 17 million Britons will have visited Spain this year, setting a new record.

Secretary of State for Tourism Isabel Borrego says the figure is an 11% increase on last year and shows the continued importance of the UK to Spain’s tourism industry.

Spain’s popularity has seen the number of staff employed in tourism increase by 4.8% year-on-year, accounting for 13.9% of all employment in Spain in 2016.

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  1. Ah’ Fred, but the British passport didn’t just cover Europe which will not be a legal tender anymore if Brexit happens and as you hopefully say there maybe a £10 fee (talk was £5) required for a visa to travel in Europe which as I stated would not be a free visa, freedom of travel yes. It’s all stupid really, would that mean a tit for tat if European’s wished access the UK. Talk about petty stuff among-st so called “intelligent politicians”.
    No petty stuff from Teresa May. She has stated that all E.U members residing in the UK will be able to remain. Have we heard the same response regarding expats from the cronies of Europe. Nah.

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