SALES of a festive Donald Trump having a number two have soared in Spain and the US.

Caganers of Trump and Castro
Caganers of Trump and Castro

Whether opposed to his politics or not, it seems everyone wants to give the controversial president elect a place in their home, at least in his Caganer figurine form.

The bizarre effigies of celebrities pooing are one of the best-selling items on the Spanish website this year, according to Mar Alós, its director.

His company makes and distributes millions of models depicting celebrities defecating, a light-hearted product traditionally bought by Catalans to place in their nativity scenes.

“Since he won the US election, sales have soared”, said Alós.

“They have far surpassed our expectations and beaten sales of Hillary Clinton.”

Also proving popular this year is Fidel Castro, former Prime Minister of Cuba, who died in November.
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