Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Police investigate farm animal eroticism in nativity scenes outside Madrid

The figures, made out of bent white cables and one and a half metres in size, caused outrage as residents say it is a violation of religious freedom.

Trump dump festive figurine sales soar in Spain and US

Bizarre effigies of celebrities pooing are one of the best-selling items on the caganer website

Andalucian village to have year-round nativity scene museum with 7,000 figurines

A massive 7,000 figures are to be included in the exhibit in Mollina

23-stone man who squashed donkey to death in Spain is taken to court

EXCLUSIVE: Animal charity files private case against 23-stone man who killed baby donkey by sitting on it

Nativity donkey ‘squashed to death’ in Cordoba

Donkey dies after 150kg man broke into nativity pen and rode it

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias immortalised taking a dump

Pablo Iglesias joins a long list of defecating figurines which includes the likes of Gareth Bale

An edible Christmas in Spain

The world’s largest chocolate nativity scene is just one of the many differences that makes for the perfect Andaluz Christmas, writes Wendy Williams

Sweet Jesus!

Master chocolatiers in Andalucia have produced a 62 square metre chocolate nativity scene

Fish for Christmas and no gifts?

Paul Whitelock checks out the Christmas scene in Spain in general and Andalucía in particular

Sevilla for chocoholics

Nativity scene created from 1,500 kilos of chocolate by master chocolatiers from Rute (Cordoba)