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Nativity donkey ‘squashed to death’ in Cordoba

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ANIMAL lovers across Spain are up in arms following the death of a five-year-old donkey in Lucena, Cordoba. 

The donkey, named Platero, was being held in the town along with other animals as part of their Christmas celebrations.

Police have now opened up an investigation after a 150kg man was photographed riding the donkey on December 10.

By December 12 the donkey was unable to stand and had to be put down by a vet.

Two animal rights organisations, Asociación de Defensa del Borrico (Adebo) and the Círculo Animalista de Podemos Lucena, have submitted a complaint to the police.

“The donkey was literally squashed by a man,” the complaint reads.

“The man tried to pose ‘galloping,’ with his almost 150kg of weight on the fragile body of the animal, squashing it to death.”

Meanwhile animal rights organisation PETA released a statement slamming the ‘cruel’ nature of the donkey’s death and urged ‘everyone to show some Christmas charity by refusing to partake in activities that involve live animals’.

The statement continued: “There is no excuse for the pain that this donkey endured from his internal injuries or for his horrible death, both caused because animals were seen as nothing more than living Christmas props.

“The selfish, reckless event organisers now have the blood of this poor donkey on their hands.”


Rob Horgan

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  1. Luismi, in fact I am not resident in Spain, but I do indeed know where the airports are, both here and in the UK. There are things that I love and some that I dislike in both societies.

  2. Dref…It seems pretty straight forward to me that Colin Smith stated “a certain element”. From what I see it is only YOU inferring to a stereotypical prejudice. Like it or not Spain is regarded by many as one of the worst places. not only in Europe but in the world for animal cruelty, and there are a huge amount of Spanish animal lovers that will concur with this.
    Red @ http://www.facebook.com/shameofspain

  3. I hope he gets charged with cruelty. but I also won’t add any sizeist/racist comments.

    Colin you said the best two words that need to be repeated by people on this blog a ‘certain element’. Rather than blanket racism and hatred of Spain, by posters that MOSTLY live in the UK.

    How about some festive features on Spain OP, the cities, the parades, the customs. After all, it does go on until the 7th of Jan! Another fantastic reason to live here.

  4. Luismi, why are you being so nasty to someone who is making a valid point? I have just read that Spain is the highest country in Europe for abandoning animals.one every three minutes.If I comment on cruelty here in Spain, does not mean that I do not want to live here. My usual comments re animal welfare in Spain are that things are slowly improving, thanks to many Spanish nationals & Associations like PACMA & Animalistas Podemos. In the UK animal abuse is getting worse, if it were not for so many associations willing to help the animals, it would be horrendous. Every country has to evolve at its own pace. Your comments to Colin Smith make it sound as though you are in favor of animal abuse, are you?

  5. A very sad and distressing story that could have been completely avoided if someone had stepped in and suggested that this person was too heavy to ride on that donkey.

  6. wow! Instant war with this article. Now before you lot “the mob” go and start linching people perhaps you could take a breath and get some facts. Who owned this animal? how much money, if any, did they get from this event? Exactly how long, how far, did the fat man ride it? etc…
    I’ve been to fairs where i’ve stopped and thought about putting my kids on the donkeys – only to feel so bad for the animals that i havent. But the operators have tried to persuade me to have a go. i’m well over 6ft & 120kg. i always assume they’re joking, but they’re not.
    Animal welfare considerations are rare here.

  7. I am totally against any animal cruelty but from the photo the man does not seem to be sat on the donkey, more stood over it. Did he ride it or just stand over it for a photograph. People could be unfairly blaming someone who did not cause the injury’s and the real person may be getting away with it. Once the full facts are found out then whoever caused the injury’s should get a long jail sentence.

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