BETHLEHEM is not known for its Christmas farm animal eroticism.

But residents were left stunned after farm animals were placed atop one another while the figure of Mary was bent over the crib in a position suggesting she was giving oral sex to Joseph.  

Now a criminal complaint is being investigated on a roadside junction in the town of Boadilla del Monte, outside Madrid.

Filed by a local Popular Party politician, police are being asked to check CCTV footage ‘to see if the perpetrators could be identified’.

The figures, made out of bent white cables and one and a half metres in size, caused outrage as residents say it is a violation of religious freedom.

A PP spokesman said: “It constitutes a clear lack of respect for the traditions and religious beliefs or a large part of the population of the municipality.

“In addition to vandalism, it is an intentionally offensive attack on our religious freedom, we demand respect for the freedom of beliefs.”

A town hall spokesman said the nativity scene was quickly restored to its original form.

“We fixed the vandalism as soon as it was reported.”

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